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Strawberry Fields
Animal Rescue Illinois

Our mission is to provide refuge for senior animals and animals needing hospice care. We aim to provide education, assistance and support to the public to help people better understand and care for their companion animals.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) and licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture #087-15190

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Pet Supplies Needed

SFAR has been taking in a lot of medium and large dogs. We are in need of supplies for them.  In addition, there are a few other things we are in need of.

  • Large dog beds (new or gently used)

  • Dog toys (very durable- Kong brand and other durable brands that will hold up nicely)

  • Baby gates (standard size and extended sizes)

  • Wet dog food (stew)

  • Martingale collars for large dogs

  • Harnesses for large dogs

  • long, sturdy dog leashes (non-retractable)

  • slip leads

Please email us at if you would like to donate any of these items.  We will arrange pick up.


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"We have been working with shelters and rescues our entire adult lives! We have fostered and helped place a dozen dogs and have foster failed and kept another 15 dogs that have lived and enriched our lives at home. We currently had the opportunity to work with Strawberry Fields and take in a 13 year old sweet girl named Sugar who needed a home. We were struck by how much Andrea cares about making the right “fit” between the dog and the family. The genuine love

she showed for Sugar, the way she interacted with us from the first visit, and her following up on how all of us are doing shows she has the heart and compassion needed to make a rescue work. We look forward to working with Andrea to help in any way we can!"

-Susan Neahous

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