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Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue Illinois

"Strawberry Fields is a foster based, senior animal rescue.

We serve the greater Chicagoland area and south east Wisconsin."

Strawberry Fields is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue. 
All donations are tax deductible.
Illinois Department of Agriculture License # 087-15190

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A Special Message to Our Supporters,
Presently we are operating at minimum capacity and will continue to do so for
at least the next couple months.  We will not be taking in any new rescues and that includes owner surrenders.  We will keep everyone updated through our website and our social media channels as to any changes.  That being said, we still have a few animals in our care that are long term residents and one animal presently up for adoption.  The animal up for adoption is our Vaughn.
Because we have not been active on social media and in the community- donations are low and we ask that you please make a donation to help us support our current rescues.  Again, we will continue to keep everyone abreast of any changes.
Thank you.  
-Andrea Blume, Executive Director

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Vaughn wants to meet you! 
He's looking for his adoptive family. 
Learn more about Vaughn by clicking the button below.  

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Get Involved

Foster, Adopt, Volunteer, Donate


Keep Up With Important Topics
In Animal  Welfare 

Take some time to read from the sections below!

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Both Ends of the Leash

The animal welfare community and the human community are doing the same work for opposite ends of the leash.  The biases over who should and shouldn't own pets still exist.  We're coming to the realization that pet ownership isn't only for the privileged few. 

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The Human Animal Bond

The human-animal bond transcends all, regardless of where someone lives, their race, or how much they have in their bank account - pet ownership is for everyone.  It’s a concept that is gaining more and more acceptance across animal welfare, and it has brought a new approach to keep people and pets together.  

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Much of what we do in animal welfare is built on discriminatory practices. We don't adopt to  people we believe have inadequate homes.  We may conduct background checks. Sometimes we virtually chase people out of the shelter because we believe they won't be

adequate adopters. The list goes on and on.


Judging Pet Owners

There is a person behind every pet and as pet owners we all start somewhere.

Standing in judgement of pet owners doesn't save the lives of animals and doesn't help owners we think might be less than "perfect".  There’s a big difference between a genuine desire to educate, set an example, and plant a seed versus wanting to feel superior or unfairly gate-keep.

Every shelter animal is an individual and every one of them have a story but so do the pet owners.

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One Health Integration

One Health Integration focuses on highlighting the Human-Animal Bond (HAB).  One Health teaches us best practices when it comes down to how best to support the health and well-being of humans, animals, and their communities. To achieve the best outcome for people, animals, and the environment we need to offer successful public health interventions with cooperation between professionals in all three sectors.


Pet Mutual Aid

As our industry moves toward a community-based model, we can see how animal welfare readily fits into this vision.  Heather Owen from Chicago's own One Tail At A Time said, “It used to be that we would never ask anyone if we could help them keep their animal because the people coming in to surrender them were bad people.  We subscribed to the industry wide notion that people who couldn’t afford pets shouldn’t have them.”  

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The New Model of Human Animal Services (HASS) Explained

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