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Strawberry Fields
Animal Rescue Illinois
Mission, Vision and Values






Principles & Values

Our mission is to provide refuge for senior animals and animals needing hospice care. We aim to provide education, assistance and support to the public to help people better understand and care for their companion animals. We do more than rescue, we DRIVE change.

We focus on helping the most vulnerable animals; senior animals, those near the end of life and the sick. Our vision is a world where all vulnerable animals get to live out their lives in a loving home to receive the care they need.  We strive to support this vision by:

  • Creating a robust network of foster caregivers to provide loving care to vulnerable animals in a home environment.

  • Building a center or sanctuary to support the needs of vulnerable animals – to provide needed shelter and veterinary care in a comfortable low-stress setting

  • Developing a hospice care program with a network of trained foster caregivers.

  • Providing a sizable resource network as well as an extensive outreach program for pet owners in underserved communitites.

  • Our policies must reflect the complementary goals of keeping pets and their people together, reuniting lost pets with their families, and finding new homes for pets who have lost theirs.  

  • We treat potential adopters respectfully and never discriminate against them based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or financial circumstances.

  • We want to ensure that our own attitudes and actions do not create further obstacles for struggling pet owners. We should treat people with dignity and respect, no matter what their financial or life circumstances look like.

  • We suspend judgment and inherent bias and make sure that we do not allow people’s appearance, ethnicity, manner, language of speech, or attire influence our judgment about their ability or desire to care for their pets.

  • Our policies demonstrate our commitment to these principles by ensuring that our volunteers are representative of the communities we serve and that our programs engage with and include those communities in a meaningful way.

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