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Meet Your New Best Friend!

SFAR Rescues and Their Adoptive Families!

Ruby and Lydia.jpeg

Ruby and Lydia


Becky and Elba

Fiona and Claudia.jpeg

Fiona and Claudia


Marigold and John

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Questions to Think About Before Adopting Your New Best Friend

Pet adoption is a wonderful thing.  No animal is “right” or “wrong.” However, there is probably a “right” or “wrong” animal for you and your lifestyle.  For example, a hyperactive, reactive adolescent dog might not be a good fit when you don’t have the time or money to provide proper exercise and training. A fearful, traumatized dog probably won’t do well in a busy household with young children.  Use your brain, not just your heart.  An adoptive animal sometimes end up returned to the shelter, breaking the hearts of both animal and family.

Adoption Process

A word about adoption applications:

  • Applying to adopt a Strawberry Field's animal does not guarantee that your application will be approved and that you will get to adopt the animal you applied for

  • Applications are NOT approved on a first come first serve basis.  We approve adoption applications solely on which applicant (or family) we believe will be the best fit for the animal. 

  • We understand that perhaps once an applicant sets their sight on an animal they want to adopt it can be hard to hear that you haven't been chosen to adopt them. 

  • Please don't be discouraged and please do not give up on trying to adopt.  We will try to match you with another Strawberry Fields's rescue.  There is ALWAYS another animal in need of a home!

1.) Sign Up To Adopt

Start by submitting an adoption inquiry. We use this to get a general idea of who you are and whether one of our animals will be a good fit for your home. 

We strive to make the adoption process as smooth as possible.

2.) Application Review

One of our Adoption counselors will be assigned to your application. Keep in mind that all of our Adoption counselors are volunteers, so this can take a few days. During this step we will review your application to see if the animal you are applying to adopt would be a good fit for your home.

3.) Phone Chat

Your Adoption counselor will schedule a call with you to review your application and discuss the needs of the animal that you applied for. This is a great chance for us to get to know you and your preferences, and for you to get to know us! We also want to make sure we find the best match for you!

4.) Meet and Greet

One of the most important steps is the meet and greet. Finding the best fit for both the animal and the human is extremely important, and the meet and greet is a very meaningful part of the process. During the meet and greet, one of our volunteers will arrange for the animal you are interested in to meet the household and any resident animals. This helps everyone gauge whether or not it will be the right fit.

5.) Finalize the Adoption

After the meet and greet, the SFAR team will decide whether or not we think this is a match. If you have been approved to adopt from us, we will schedule a time to finalize the adoption and for you to bring home your new family member!

  • Dogs (7+ years) $250

  • Dogs (4-6 years) $350

  • Cats $150 (any age)

  • Seniors for Seniors= $50 off adoption fee for people 65+


Full Adoption fee is due at the time of adoption

All animals are fully vetted at the time of adoption.


Here is what's included:


core vaccines for canines and felines (rabies, distemper and bordetella for canines and rabies and distemper for felines)

wellness exam/medical exam (for sick animals)

heart worm test

blood chemistry


dental (if needed)​

treatment for illness or injury and special surgery (if needed)

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Animals Available for Adoption

Vaughn main.jpeg


Vaughn Down Pose Stoic.jpeg
Vaughn profile copy.jpeg

Vaughn is our 6 year old, brindle, beefcake!  He's been looking for his adoptive home since June of 2022!  Click the "learn more" button below to read his full bio, see more pictures, and apply to adopt!

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