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  • Breed: mixed breed

  •  Gender: intact male

  •  Age: approximately  11-12 years


  • House Trained:  I am working on it (please be patient, no one ever  taught me)

  • Animal Compatibility:   must be the only pet

  • Children Compatibility: no young children

  • Energy Level: moderate

  • Special Needs: Yes.  I suffer from an unknown neurologic condition that causes my hind legs to collapse.  I need a sling of wheelchair.

  • Things I'm  Working On:  I'm protective over my food when other dogs are around.



Churchill is a senior boy in search of a very special owner. Churchill was found by a good samaritan, stumbling down an alley in Chicago. He was brought to an animal hospital where he was tentatively diagnosed with some sort of neurologic abnormality that causes his rear legs to buckle. But that won’t stop him from wagging his tail and becoming your new closest companion!

We would love to see him go to a home that understands his needs, preferably someone who works from home or is retired. Someone experienced with medical cases and that will understand this might end up being a hospice foster. We shouldn't look at his situation as being sad but instead look at Churchill and say,"I can give this boy a wonderful home to spend his golden years!"

He's currently in a boarding facility and we are eager to get him out so he can get the care he needs and deserves. Please apply to foster him today.

1.) I love to be outside and roll in the grass

2.) I love playing belly rubs

3.) I love to cuddle

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