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Introducing: Pet Mutual Aid

Mutual aid is when people get together to meet each other’s basic needs.
Pet mutual aid is when people help each other with pet-related challenges—
and in so doing, keep families together and pets out of animal shelters.


"We have been working with shelters and rescues our entire adult lives! We have fostered and helped place a dozen dogs and have foster failed and kept another 15 dogs that have lived and enriched our lives at home. We currently had the opportunity to work with Strawberry Fields and take in a 13 year old sweet girl named Sugar who needed a home. We were struck by how much Andrea cares about making the right “fit” between the dog and the family. The genuine love

she showed for Sugar, the way she interacted with us from the first visit, and her following up on how all of us are doing shows she has the heart and compassion needed to make a rescue work. We look forward to working with Andrea to help in any way we can!"

-Susan Neahous



"Andrea was an angel from the beginning saving our poor Toby from Animal Control. She made the process so easy and stress-free. And now, I get the greatest companion a person could ask for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-Robin Roberts


"Strawberry Fields and Andrea are doing a wonderful service of adoption and placing dogs with people!  She is always quick to respond or answer any questions or concerns.  Even after the adoption, she will offer advice when asked. When John adopted Sonny, a Mastiff, eight months ago, little did we know the joy and love he would bring to our lives.  He is the most loving dog.  Thank you Andrea."

-John Clayborn



"We have been delighted with Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue. The people are caring and compassionate helping animals and their human families. We fostered Danielle, a chocolate lab mix, and soon fell in love. She had received great care by SFAR, rescuing from an owner that needed hospice care. We adopted her and she is an important member of our family today. She loves walks, treats, the dog park and playing with our 3 and 5 year old granddaughters."

-James and Kathy Swager


Aqui (now Munchkin)

Fostering an older dog with socialization and behavior problems isn't ideal, particularly when the dog  has both ear and eye infections, but Strawberry Fields did what was necessary to make the experience  safe and rewarding, getting her the treatment, evaluation and tools to make interactions with her a  success. Aqui (now Munchkin) has a “furever” home with me and my “pack.” Who could
resist that face?

 -cjm, Gurnee, IL 

Ginny Olson

Lucky and Hershey

"Thank you for my loving companions Hershey and Lucky.  I wasn’t ready to adopt so soon after I lost my Oreo after almost 13 years.  Then I saw Strawberry Fields foster program with Lucky and Hershey’s picture.  They had a sad story and both needed a lot of help.  For 2 months Andrea and her volunteers took them to their vet appointments and got them healthy again.  They both needed a lot of TLC and lots of medications but it was worth it.  They both have their own silly personalities which keeps me laughing.    I couldn’t imagine them living with someone else so in October I adopted them.  They are loving, funny and I’m glad I found them.

Thank You Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue IL."

-Ginny Olson


Frankie came home to us in January 2022. He was hit by a car a month prior, where he lost an eye and sustained injuries. His veterinarian believes he went deaf while living on the streets as well, from years of having untreated ear infections. As a whole, Frankie losing much of his sight and his hearing meant when he came home on his adoption day, much of the world was scary and unfamiliar. He lost a lot of his mobility and how he perceived the world. Frankie was cautious at first, but he loved connecting with people. Very quickly he sought affection from us by asking for ear scratches, belly rubs, and head pats. As the months rolled by, he began to blossom further and further. He loves cuddles with his mom (Angela), but has an especially close and loving relationship with Dad (Brett). Frankie keeps teaching us lessons about connection and love. We learned so much from him about the importance of patience and gentleness, and he’s rewarded us with more and more of his trust along the way. We are honored and blessed to have the opportunity to have Frankie in our family. He adds so much vibrancy and love to our everyday lives. Thank you Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue for finding Frankie and giving him a chance for a family that loves him dearly. We are so grateful that you saw a bright, happy future in Frankie. Now he’s living it.



"In March we lost our 18-year-old Chihuahua (Reggie).  We saw a photo on Facebook that was posted by Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue. It was of a senior Chihuahua, named Ryder, who urgently needed a new home!  Many thanks to the professional and caring staff who spent time to rescue this scared little dog.  It’s been five months and he has really settled in.  We are so glad to have him. We recommend Strawberry Fields to everyone.Thank you for all you do."


-Cindy and Steve Petersen

Cindy and Ryder.png
hand and paw.png


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Why Mutual Aid Now?

Most of the pets who enter shelters can instead be helped in their communities. Always important, there’s a special urgency when animal shelters are stretched for space and other resources.

Mutual aid lets us harness the will of our communities to help, and the result is fewer pets entering shelters and more families staying together. 

Please click on the resources button below to see the programs we are building to help pets and their owners.

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