Have you ever seen a dog so cute and scruffy?  That’s our little Hamlet (Hammie).  The best way to describe Hamlet is he is a sweet, kind, and cuddly little soul and all he wants is to be loved.  He’s happy just to be in the presence of people and curl up in a pile of blankets.  He is such a special little guy.  Shortly after we rescued him, we found out he had back problems.  He is doing much better, but he will need to take it easy for the rest of his life.  Hamlet can only do very light activity.  If you are looking for a little dog to sit on the couch with you Hamlet is your man. 

  • Breed: toy fox terrier

  •  Gender: neutered male

  •  Age: approximately 7 years 

  • Animal Compatibility: good with dogs and cats

  • Children Compatibility: unknown

  • Energy Level: low

Hamlet 6.jpeg
Hamlet 7.jpeg