Andrea Blume

Ever since Andrea was a little girl she knew one day she would fulfill her purpose to start an animal rescue.  It wasn't until Lizzy, a senior, blind and deaf shepherd, came into her life in 2019, that she knew she had to focus on saving the most vulnerable and at-risk population of dogs in our shelters.  Before Andrea started SFAR she volunteered and fostered for other animal rescues, starting in 2014.  Andrea is also a licensed humane investigator.


Amanda Pfeiffer

Amanda has done pet sitting, dog walking, transporting, and volunteering for various animal organizations.  She has a B.S. in Sales Management from Purdue University, and working on getting her Masters in Counseling.  She truly believes that the connection between humans and animals can be helpful and healing to both parties and promote an overall improved sense of wellbeing.


Megan Anderson

Megan has a background in strategic planning and project management for non-profits and has felt a lifelong kinship with animals, including her current rescue retriever, Chloe. She feels passionate about animal rescue and finding sustainable solutions for pets and people in need.


Virginia Blume

Ginny has an extensive background in bookkeeping.  She is pictured with the Blume family dog, Bella.  Ginny has an intense love for animals and nature. Ginny has been an advocate for SFAR from the very start.