Animal Mutual Aid

Often times when there is an animal in need of help there is also a person in need of help.  Part of SFAR's mission is to help pet owner's by providing valuable resources and one on one help to preserve the human animal bond.

“As a teacher with 30 years’ experience, I do not believe that we can solve violence in our society with high fences and razor wire. If we are to fight violence effectively and uplift our communities for a sustainable future, we will have to reach into the hearts of learners and develop that vital quality called 'empathy'.

Cape Town school teacher Vivienne Rutgers


Community Pet Events In The Chicagoland Area


Animal Mutual Aid

Part of our mission at SFAR is animal mutual aid.  Our rescue feels that helping "both ends of the leash" is a necessity.  Often times when an animal is in need of help so is their owner.  We feel that helping an animal is only half the battle.  We must also extend a hand to pet owners in need.  Animals end up being surrendered and in shelters for many different reasons.  At SFAR we want to try and help before an owner feels they have no other option but to surrender.  We realize in some cases there is no other option but to surrender.

SFAR wants to be there to support our communities.  We want to support them by providing valuable resources. Resources to help them care for their companion animals.  Click on the red text to be taken to a list of resources. These resources include:

Our rescue is working hard to build our animal mutual aid program in the coming year.  Please reach out if you need help.