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This is the (very short version) Story of How Strawberry Fields was formed but..... it would be impossible to tell the story without Lizzy.

Lizzy's Story


Dear Strawberry Fields's Supporters,

"The idea to start Strawberry Fields started as a big dream.  A dream I had since I was a small child.  


Before starting the rescue, for many years I had been volunteering for other rescues as well as fostering animals. 


I thought starting an animal rescue would always remain nothing but a dream but when my Dad died in 2019 everything changed.

Loosing my Dad left such a major void in my soul and my life that I needed  something to give my life purpose. 

His death gave me the push I needed to start making Strawberry Fields a reality. 


In early 2020, a little 15 year old shepherd, who was blind and deaf, unexpectedly showed up in my life.  She may have showed up out of the clear blue but there is a rhyme and a reason for all that happens. The little senior dog's name was Lizzy.

I was working at an animal hospital when Lizzy came into my life. She was at an animal shelter and the shelter brought Lizzy into the animal hospital for medical attention. 


Lizzy had been surrendered by her family. 

It was unimaginable for me that a senior dog, who was blind and deaf, must be feeling, just losing her family and being in a big, noisy shelter. 


Lizzy was definitely tugging at my heartstrings.  I went home that night and I could not get her off my mind.  I continued thinking about her for a few days before I made the decision to adopt her.  I did an adoption application and brought her home a few days later.


Lizzy had been originally adopted from the same shelter back in 2011. Eight years later she was surrendered back to that same shelter.  Lizzy had not only been given up once, but twice.  When I brought Lizzy home she was an angel and I barley heard a peep out of her. 


I instantly fell in love with her.  She loved to cuddle up in her bed and sleep the day away. She also enjoyed going on walks and loved being brushed. I truly believed she felt safe, maybe for the first time ever.


Adopting Lizzy ignited my passion for helping senior animals. Lizzy is the reason why Strawberry Fields's mission is to rescue senior dogs and cats.  Lizzy passed away March 17, 2021. 


That big dream I had so many years ago came true. Strawberry Fields's rescued our first animals in July of 2021.  This organization was possible because we put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it but we also had a lot of persistence, drive, hope and faith. 


Strawberry Fields is a small rescue but we look forward to growing and helping senior animals and their owners for many years to come.:


-Andrea Blume, Founder

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