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Resources for Low Cost and Free Vet Care

Pets have become an integral part of our families. An estimated 29 million dogs and cats live with families that participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as food stamps. Needing public assistance is one measure of a family’s capability to purchase veterinary care. However, there are also middle-class families that live paycheck to paycheck, with limited funds for veterinary care, especially when the need involves high-cost services and/or emergency care.


The paradox we face is that while it may be logical that someone should not have a pet if they cannot provide veterinary care, but it is difficult to defend denying someone the companionship of a pet.

Low income families deserve companionship with animals and to enjoy all of the benefits that come from these relationships.

Affordable or Free Pet Care: Chicago

Wellness Exam

Spay and Neuter



preventative care






Community Cats

Emergency Services



Special Surgeries

Below is a list of places in Chicago that provide free and/or lost cost medical services for animals. 
Use the guide/symbols
above to see what services each location offers. 
We recommend reaching out to the location to confirm the services are still being offered.  Some services and locations might be temporairily or permanently suspended due to Covid-19 or other reasons.

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Anti Cruelty Society

check the website for other support services


PAWS Chicago

check the website for other support services

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One Tail at a Time

check the website for other support services

Animal Welfare League

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Treehouse Humane Society

rescue pack.jpeg

Rescue Pack


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Paw Salvation

Low Cost or Free Pet Care: Illinois

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Lake County AC



animal care league.jpeg

Animal Care League

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Cook County Government

noahs ark.png

Noah's Ark

P.A.W.S Tinley Park

South Suburban  Humane Society

North Shore
Animal League

spay illinois.jpeg

Spay Illinois

Snip society.jpeg

Snip Society