Vaughn (formerly Vermouth)

When you look into Vermouth’s big brown eyes, your heart hurts.  You can see that he has not lived an easy life.  He spent five months at animal control and that’s not easy for any animal.  He also had to endure painful treatment for heartworm disease.  But when you look into those eyes your heart melts.  You can see that after everything he’s been through he hasn’t forgotten how to love and all he wants is a home of his own.  Vermouth needs an angel to show him he’s worth more than the life he’s lived up until this point.  He needs someone to show him that love means taking care of each other and most of all that family means stability.


Vermouth is an incredibly gentle and sensitive soul.  When someone gives him attention he will glady roll over so you can rub his belly or rest his head on your shoulder.


While we can’t undo everything Vermouth has been through, we've promised him that life will be filled with love and security from here on out.  Vermouth deserves everything good in the world- a nice soft bed to lay on, plenty of room to run (now that he’s done with his heartworm treatment) and the same human to tell him 365 days a year that they love him and a home where he can feel safe.