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Vaughn (formerly Vermouth)

Meet Vaughn!  This four year old brindle beefcake is as sweet as he is handsome.  Shy and reserved, Vaughn can be a bit of a wallflower in new surroundings.  He feels most at home in the great outdoors and soaks up the sun every chance he gets.  He loves to chase tennis balls, but hates bringing them back.  He's discovering how much fun water can be, but hasn't mastered the art of swimming yet.  


After so much time being neglected and ignored, Vaughn is busy learning how beautiful life can be.  

Inside the home, Vaughn is crate trained, house broken, and knows all of his basic commands.  


He will be your little shadow, but will slip away to take a nap if he can find a nice sunny spot to bask in.  

When playing or excited, this 70 pound nugget can get a little boisterous.  Mixed with a smidge of cattle dog he tends to be mouthier than most.  Due to this, we would think an adult only home or a home with older kids would be ideal.  


He loves meeting other dogs on walks, but doesn't always follow normal social cues in a pack.  He can get overstimulated and a bit defensive when pushed, so slow introductions are a must.  He would do well as an only pup or with another medium sized playmate that would let him take the lead and be the boss. 


If you think Vaughn may be the pup you've been looking for fill out an adoption application or contact us today for your private meet and greet!   

You can also learn more about Vaughn by calling his trainer Jenn at (847) 772-1354.

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